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How to Bypass Jio 1.5 GB Daily Data Limit (7 Tricks)

Hey Guys, Again We Have Come up with a Trick For you if you are suffering from Jio 1.5GB or 2GB Mobile Data Limit.

Here I come up with a complete solution of jio speed Capping even after exhausting 1.5GB or 2GB Limit.

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[1st Trick/Method] To Get High Speed In Jio After 1.5gb Data Usage

In Jio Data Pack Offers, it Has 1.5GB or 2GB Data Limit in most of the packs. You, Will, Get High-Speed 4g Internet Only till 1.5 GB Data Use After that You Will Start Getting 128Kbps.

Also, In This Trick, I will Explain About Jio Data Counting System. Jio 4gb Data Is Calculated From 12 Am Night To 12 am Next Day Night.

  • After You Crossed 1.5 or 2 Gb Data In JIO.
  • Uninstall My Jio App & Install it Again. (Do not open My Jio App)
  • Disable Google Play Store & Google Play Services.
  • Change the time to 12:01 AM.
  • Switch Off Your Phone.
  • Open My Jio App & Boom.
  • You will See 1.5 GB or 2 GB Data Back Again.
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Steps to get 4Gspeed after 1.5GB data in jio sim

1- Uninstall All Jio Apps & Make BackUp All Apps Apk by Titanium Backup or Super BackUp.

2- Download old version myjio apk from below & Turn Off Your Internet.

3. Open MyJio app &  wait till it shows an alert “No Internet Connection Found.”

4. Now turn on your mobile internet connection and quickly click on SKIP button.

This step is a bit important. When you turn on the internet, within seconds, you need to click on SKIP button or else it will pop up for Update App. So be quick & click on SKIP. If you fail then clear the app data (Settings>>Applications>>MyJio & click on Storage> Clear Data) & retry till you get in Signing in the app without updating

  1. Open & install all jio apps from myjio app
  2. Then Just Turn Off your Internet Data Connection (Turn Off Wifi or Data)
  3. Install & open My Jio app & all other 10 Jio Apps which you have made a Backup in the First Step.
  4. Click on Get Jio Sim Section.
  5. Turn on your Internet Data, skip login.
  6. You will automatically be logged to the app & Get Activated Daily Data Offer.
  7. Done! Now you again got 4G speed in jio sim

Note: – Never update your “My Jio App” to a new version otherwise it will not work at all.

[3rd Trick] to increase Jio 4G Speed (For Rooted Devices) (For Increasing Speed)

This trick is only for rooted mobile phone. If you are using a rooted smartphone, then use this method/trick. It will boost up your downloading and uploading speed.
  • Firstly, download 3G/4G Speed Optimizer on your smartphone.
  • Open the App.
  • Select the network speed & choose 12/28/7 – Max Speed option.
  • Then Click on ‘Apply Tweak.’
  • Restart your phone & after that, you can see a change in your jio 4g speed.

[4th Trick] Proxy Method To Avoid Speed Cab Problem In Jio

  1. Open setting in Your Phone > Mobile Networks > choose Jio Sim > Create New Access Point.
  2. Enter Profile Name as Tricksbot or Any Name.
  3. Enter Apn as JIONET
  4. Enter Proxy – & Port-  80
  5. Apn Type – Default
  6. Server –

Leave other Fields & save this setting & restart your Phone.

Then Connect Mobile Data by this Profile & Enjoy unlimited Jio 4G Internet at High Speed. No need to install my Jio App to use this trick.

Note :- Do not Turn Off Data after 1.5 GB, I Personally tested this trick and it is 100% working. If it not works for you then try below tricks to uncap speed.

[5th Trick] Bypass Jio 1.5gb Data Limit Using APN Protocol (Not Working)

This is the new and Latest Trick to Avoid Speed Cap in Jio Data Packs in which you will get only 1.5 or 2 GB Mobile Data Daily. You can convert this 1.5 GB Data into Unlimited 4g data by Follow Steps carefully in Your Mobile Network APN Setting.

  1. Firstly, Go to Settings> Mobile Networks> Set your Apn as JIONET & Select Apn Protocol as ipv4/ipv6. (Leave all other fields)
  2. Then Use Jio data till Use 1000 MB out of 1.5Gb.
  3. Then Download 2 to 3 Videos Using Youtube via IDM.
  4. When you reach your 1000 MB, Your Download will Automatically stop.
  5. Simply resume it, If It will resume & you get speed then Enjoy unlimited 4g Full Day unless Follow Below steps.
  6. Open Apn Settings & Select apn Protocol as ipv6 only.
  7. Then Use 50-60 MB Data & Restart Your Mobile Phone.
  8. Then Again change the protocol to Ipv4/ipv6 & Resume your Downloads.
  9. You will Bypass Jio Daily data limit; Now you will get Unlimited Jio 4g speed with Unlimited data.

[6th Trick] Bypass Jio Speed Cap Using Vpn

Another method which will Increase Your speed also with Bypass daily limit data. It is a very simple process as compared to Above Methods.

  1. Download any free VPN which have USA or Germany server. Download SuperVPN
  2. Connect your Data using joint apn.
  3. Then connect Vpn by USA or Germany server.
  4. Done! You can Use Unlimited data with the 4g speed with HIgh-Speed Internet.

[7th Trick] To Increase Jio Speed After 1.5GB 4G Use

This Trick Will work without Converting Offer To Jio Preview Offer. It is a Vpn Trick To get High Speed In Jio net after Slow Speed.

  • Firstly, Download Psiphon Pro Handler Here
  • Open the App & Open Settings & Use ” ” As Proxy Server.
  • Then Connect, You Will Get High-Speed Internet During Downloading & Uploading In Reliance Jio 4G Sim Even After Exhausting 1.5 GB Daily Data Cap.

Important Notice: Don’t download Myjio app update version from the play store. Otherwise, again speed will be capped, and You Will Start Getting Less Speed After 1.5 GB data. If you again got slow speed after 1.5GB data, then clear data of Jio app and do the same Above method again.

Comment Below If You Have Any Queries/Questions & Share This Post Everywhere So, That Everyone Can Enjoy High-Speed Jio 4G Internet.

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