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iPhone 11 Pro in 5k – Should I buy it From Telegram Channel? (Carders Fraud Explained)

Hey Guys, if you were a victim of Carding Fraud or Truly want to understand what is Carding & how it should be done are Explained in this Post, which will Clear all Questions about Carding.

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Points I cover:

  1. What is carding?
  2. How do I Find a Real Carder?
  3. Should I Buy Carded Products from Telegram or Instagram?
  4. Will they Really Deliver the Product?
  5. Is it Safe to Buy? You Might Go to Jail
  6. How to Recover Your Lose Money? (Carding Scam)
  7. Is there anyone who got Carded Products?

carding phone online telegram india

What is Carding?

Carding is a process where someone else Credit Card or Debit Card is used without their permission by Carder to Buy a Product Online.

These Carders Usually get Stolen Card Details from Dark Web or Hacking Forums.

Carded phones mean that a phone bought using a hacked credit card. You might get in trouble if the card owner goes into the inquiry.

Fraud, you see that? Someone will hack Credit Card system and will Order Online Phone/DSLR for you. It can land you in jail!Don’t fall in such traps!

Click to Watch the Video of Carding Explained?

How do I Find a Real Carder?

You find people claiming themselves as Carders on Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, or other websites, but actually, they aren’t carders. They just pretend that they are carders.

Real carders never reveal that he is a carder.

99.9% of Carders use Carding for themselves; they don’t Commercialize it by selling it.

There is not even a single carder in India. If there is a person who can really do carding, he will be quiet. He knows the level of a crime he is doing so he does not go public.

Stay away from such so-called Carders or Rippers, you will lose your money only.

fake amazon carded phone order

Should I Buy Carded Products Online From Telegram or Instagram?

There are many People Who Are Selling Carded Products (Mobile Phone, DSLR in just 1k, 5k, or 10k) by Advertising on Various Social Networking Platforms like Instagram, Facebook & Telegram Channels. But the reality is that they don’t even know the C of carding. All these pages are fake.

Buying Carded Products Online is not at all safe.

For Example: – If one knows Carding & can buy products online, then why would he sell to you guys on social networking? He can simply buy lots of products & sell them offline & earn huge profits.

iPhone 11 Pro, which is priced at 90k in the market, is being sold to you at only 5K. Can you believe it? No, you can’t. But the Urge/Greed inside us to have the product makes us do this & we pay that carder & lose all our money.

trusted carder phone online india

I am trusted or not sir. LOL :mrgreen:  

Will they really deliver the product?

One of my friends wanted to buy iPhone 11 Pro, He Saw an Ad “iPhone 11 Pro for 5K” on Telegram Channel, he was happy & without thinking paid that guy 1K in advance & after few minutes that Carder Guy sent Order details & asked for Remaining 4K & without thinking he paid remaining amount too.

He was completely convinced that his phone would reach him. The delivery was to be made last week & after the payment was made, there have been no updates.

Please Don’t Trust them & Lose your money

  • Don’t Trust the Buyers Screenshots. (Anyone Can Make 100s of Fake Screenshots in Few Minutes)
  • Don’t Trust the Order Placed Trick (Order Never Get Delivered to You)
  • Most of the Carders are Scammers, which will take 50% of the advance or 1K in Advance & After the Fake Amazon/Flipkart Order Get Placed, Take Your Remaining Money, then they block you forever.
  • They use Fake Paytm, Bank Accounts & Google Pay Accounts, take money from people & Directly Block them.
  • They Frequently Change their Telegram Channel or Instagram Page Names, so that he could not be caught easily.

99.9% of the Time, The Product will not get Delivered To You.

fake carded phone online instagram

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Is it Safe to Buy? You Might End Up in Jail 😈

Firstly, Carder is Placing the Order with your Name, Address, Mobile Number from Amazon or Flipkart & It will gonna Deliver at your Doorsteps.

If the Police come to know about the Carder (which is basically you), then they will track you & may end up in Paying Heavy fine or Jail Imprisonment

Never Ever Buy a Carded Phone or Gadget Even It is FREE.

NOTECarding is a serious Crime as it is similar to Stealing Money 

fake carders phone online

How to Recover Your Money? (Carding Scam)

You can go to & File a Complaint.

Or You can lodge a police complaint with the cyber police department of your city, police will investigate & try to catch the carder, who will probably refund your money.

If you paid money through Paytm, Google Pay, UPI, Bitcoin then Sorry Friend, I hate to say this, but there is no chance at all. Learn to check out details of any deal/offer before sending money.

Take it as a lesson learned. It will prevent you from losing more money in the future.

Is there anyone who got Carded Products?


Yes, Only Carder Itself, who knows How to Carding Products Online. (Risky & illegal)

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Final Words

I did always recommend you to Buy Products Online at Real Price, why suffer a Lifetime in Jail for just a few bucks?

Till now I have never seen Real Carders on Facebook, Instagram or Telegram.

Hope you understand what is carding. So stay aware!

Comment Below If you have any Questions or Requests!

84 thoughts on “iPhone 11 Pro in 5k – Should I buy it From Telegram Channel? (Carders Fraud Explained)”

    F**K LIFE.

  2. Tnxx For your Feedback Brother have a good information you give
    I have understand all These
    And I lost 18k brother it will come back if I complaint or forget about that bro

  3. Subhajit Chatterjee

    Thanks for giving or warning us… As i am going to buy.. Now i made it i will not buy from any carder..thanks

  4. fake Carder scammer also advertising on this post. @joregon is fake id . He just take Bitcoins then doesn’t deliver .

  5. Sir,
    If someone is purchased carding product but not t as ke delivery of that product due to realization then what consequence he or she have to bear

  6. Hari Prasad Baskula

    Telegram channel mahakaalcarders there telling few bucks only nd u can get product and u also get returns money also

  7. Miraj Mallick

    Thank you so much. I thinking to buy carding products. But now I decided, never gonna shop from carding ??

    1. your welcome… share this post with your friends & family too

      most of the people don’t google or research before buying carding products

  8. Hey Guys,
    I also got cheated twice, one for 5500 by guy called ajay kumar and another 5000 buy a guy called Jay. These A**holes make you believe by their words. As many people are not aware abt Carding they fall in trap.

    1. ajay kumar have an telegram account called as ajay kumar proofs where he post proof about delevering. sir i want to order 1 phone from him, should i ?

  9. Yes those f**ing degenerates will literally rob you blind. Lost 3k and then some on Telegram and IG. They called bitcoin it mining. Some was my own fault I’ll admit that but I also got played, but hey that’s life you live and you learn. But just remember what goes around comes around. God bless and stay safe folks.

  10. hey dear ,

    thank you,
    yesterday i buyed a netlfix account for 350 rs yearly basis but he was ceat he gace me acount fir a nught then suddenly passowrd got chnaged i was not able anhthing on this i paid this by upi ,,
    when i saw rhat account it was on spanish amd his cc details . will i be jained if sumthing goes wrong

  11. Bro I wanna join with you bcoz I lose 10000 in carding. I also created a telegram group by your inspiration. We save people from these fake people. Can I join with you?

  12. I’m really impressed with the post sir, I purportedly landed on one in telegram, guy was frequently posting videos of how people are unboxing. I was about to place my order, truth be told, I was going to lose all my pocket money to the thug.

    1. Nope, Don’t Order it… You are basically receiving the product in your address… If anything goes wrong, you will gonna end up in Jail or Fine for that!

  13. Excellent post. I was checking continuously this blog and I am impressed!
    Extremely helpful information specially the last part :
    ) I care for such info a lot. I was seeking this particular info for a very long time.
    Thank you and good luck.

  14. thanks for your valuable information I am just about to ordering a iphone 11 on telegram”king emirats” trusted carding deals”.before payning,I google about it and got your informatiin.I was not aware about carding and it’s legality
    Thanks again,you saved my money and forbade for being part of illegal activity

  15. Hey Bro ,
    I know all these stuff ,but tell me one thing, I also believed first that they were not real carders ( they can’t hack cards) , but then I saw a person who got scammed and lost 3k , then I saw the screenshots of order , In which I could see the order was prepaid he used American express card… Then how he did that??? Is he really hacked it?? Then the product wasn’t delivered , it was expecting to deliver on 9 March 2020 , but today on 19th March I talked to Amazon and since I had the order Id then asked them about this order then they say that account was on hold for security reason… Pls tell me how do they order such a huge price phone 93k prepaid not COD( if they are not real carders then how do they make that payment) ??

    1. don’t care if they are real carders or not, the problem is you will get into trouble if the owner of the card complains & Police will track you & you may end up in Paying Heavy fine or Jail

      So Don’t Order anything even it is Free!

  16. I also don’t trust it and got ripped twice by so called Indian Carder but I got a U.S based carder named ‘Deepweb_boss’ on telegram.
    He ordered for me one plus 6 as I was not very much sure that is he genuine or not.It cost me 12000 (in Rs).Others were demanding only 4000,3000 as they all are fake and only loot us..I got my phone finally..So I can say carding happens and if you are lucky enough to strike genuine one ,you would get your deal done

    1. [email protected] this is for Indian carders money transfer account and i lost my12k for this f*****g fruad in telegram and his blocked me in what’s app and changed the group name Indian carders to father of carders on last week 04/07/2020 and I’m also lost my family’s trust ??

    1. You played fool for a thug…
      Why would u pay Rs.4000 for a very expensive item such as DSLR CAMERA..
      It is way too cheap at that price bhai

    1. Was scammed too till i meet Jack a black american guy check @joregon in Telegram he is legit and loyal he wont charge low amouny but he will dsliver ..just that he doesn’t accept COD

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