Jasi Patcher APK 4.8 Download – Modify Apps (Root & Non-Root)

Jasi Patcher is one of the best alternatives of Lucky Patcher App. It is much more advanced than the lucky patcher.

Non-Rooted Devices can also Install Jasi Patcher App from VirtualXposed & can make the In-app purchases.

jasi patcher apk download

What is the Jasi Patcher APK?

Jasi Patcher APK is an application which can modify other apps by removing advertisements & getting rid of in-app purchase.

In other words, Jasi Patcher allows you to cracks cheat for in-app purchases.

It is the most advanced app & it can make significant cracks in the android.

It is the best Patching tool, it includes offline server emulation, patches, utilities, tools, & removes advertisements.

Features of Jasi Patcher APK

  • Ad Blocker – Block The Ads Forever Without Even Touching Any Apps/Games Or Remove Ads By Patching Targeted App.
  • Emulation – Offline Simulation Of Android Market Servers For License & Billing, Store Purchases on Offline Databases.
  • Spoof – Spoof To Mask IMEI Number, Bluetooth Mac Address, WiFi Mac Address, Hardware & Manufacturer Serial & Brand.
  • Customizable – Change Themes, Languages, Fonts, Animations, Import & Export Settings, & Haptic Feedback.
  • App Manager – App Manager Features Like Clear Data, Kill App, Launch, Uninstall, Backup & Restore APK/Data.
  • Custom Patch – Universal Patches, Support Patches To Bypass Android Apps & Games Restrictions.
  • Hook – Make All Apps Debuggable, Disable Debugger Check, Disable Android Version Check, Allow Downgrade Apps, Disable Signature Check, Disable Overlay Detection.

Download Jasi Patcher Latest Version 2019

App NameJasi Patcher
Size3.8 MB
Versionv 4.8
Android Support4.0 to 9.0
Developer NameJaspreet Singh
Last Updated1 November 2019

Download Jasi Patcher 4.8 APK

How to Install Jasi Patcher on Non-rooted Phones?

1- Download & Install the VirtualXposed APK.

2- Open the VirtualXposed App & Go To Settings > then Advanced settings & Install Google Services.

jasi patcher

3- Install the Jasi Patcher APK in the Virtual Environment.

4- Along with this, you have to install whatever apps you want to modify / patch.

5- Once you have installed all the apps, Then Restart & Activate the Jasi Patcher in the Virtual Xposed Installer.

6- Finally Reboot Again.

Done! Now You can Hack License & Billing in many of the apps.

How to Install Jasi Patcher in Rooted & Xposed Installed Device?

You Need Rooted & Xposed App with Framework Installed on your Device.

1- Enable Jasi Patcher in the Xposed App & Restart your phone to activate Jasi Patcher.

2- Once Jasi patcher enabled, Go to the Jasi Patch & grant the Root Permissions.

3- Now Go to the Emulation section.

4- Select the target app & Enable the License Emulation and Billing Emulation options.

jasi patcher apk install

5- Open the targeted app & Go to the purchase section.

Make In-app purchases for Free. 🙂

In most of the cases, the Billing & license emulation will work if you Enable Support Emulation in the Universal patch for the targeted application.

Final Words

Jasi Patcher is being developed by Jaspreet Singh. You can donate him to show your Support & Appreciation.

Installing it can be sometimes difficult & is not that easy, so Comment below if you have got any problem in Installing Jasi Patcher App.

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