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Jio IUC Top-Up Plans – Calls From Jio to Non-Jio will Be Charged “6 Paise/Minute”

Today 9th October 2019, Jio has added a new Press Conference in which they have announced about New Jio IUC Charges.

Now Jio will Charge You for making Outgoing Calls to another network as ₹ 0.6 Per Minute & also Compensate it By Giving You 1 GB Data For Just ₹ 10 (Rs.10 IUC Top Up)

Jio is now charging 6 Paise Per Minute on Calling from Jio to Non-Jio Users.

jio iuc charges tria update

So In this post, I am going to explain Jio IUC Charges, Jio Compensation Plan, & How You Can Save IUC Charges in Detail Below.

What is Jio IUC Charges

IUC Means Inter Usage Charge. This Charge has to be paid by Every Telecom Company to Other Companies for Every Outgoing Call The Charges as of now is 6 Paise per Minute.

This means when you call Non-Jio User, Jio is Paying 6 Paise to that Telecom Company. These Charges are Fixed by TRAI. Jio has Paid Rs.13000 Crores till date from Last 3 years as IUC Cost & ongoing Cost is around Rs.200 Crores per month

3 months ago TRAI has extended IUC Charges even More so now JIo is not Paying this amount from its reserves & these fees are charged on Customers itself. So Now Customers will have to Pay the IUC Fee.

So From Now On, All Outgoing from Jio to Non-Jio Operator You will be charged 6 paise per minute.

NOTEJio will remove this IUC Fee when TRAI eliminates this fee from operators on 1st January 2020. 🙂

Jio IUC Top-Up Vouchers for Non-Jio Calls

IUC Top-Up Voucher

Amount Rs.

IUC Minutes

(For Non-Jio Operators)

Free Data (GB)
10 124 1
20 249 2
50 656 5
100 1362 10

jio iuc plans

Jio Compensation For IUC Charges

Jio Will now Offer You new Data Offer in which you get 1 GB Data + 124 Minutes on Rs.10 IUC Topup.

jio iuc charges

How To Save IUC Fee

You Can Save IUC Charges by Below: –

1- Use Free Services Like Whatsapp Call or Google Duo.

2- Do Call on Jio Numbers of Your Friends and Family.

3- Invite/Ask Your Friends and Family to the Jio Network

Final Words

So That’s it, Guys. I Hope You Understand about IUC Fees of Jio.

IUC for mobile calls will be ZERO (Removed) from 1st January 2020. 😀 

Comment Below Your Opinions about Jio IUC Fees

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