4 Methods to Use Free JIO 4G SIM in All 3G Phones (Working Methods)

In this post, I will explain you about the tricks to Use Reliance Free JIO 4G SIM In All 3G Phones With Mediatek And Qualcomm Processors. However, 4G Phone Enabled Devices Are Getting Official JIO Support As JIO is Adding More and More Device Manufacturer.

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Presently, We can Quickly Get Free JIO SIM With Any 4G Device With Official & unauthorized Ways to Use Free JIO 4G Premium Services Like JIO On Demand, JIOJOIN, JIOLIVE Etc. However, Every Problem Is For 3G Device Holders As They cannot Do Anything In This Situations.

Well, Let’s See Below How to Run The JIO 4G SIM In 3G Phone You Need Free JIO SIM First Right?

How To Get Free JIO SIM From 3G Device Phone?

To Use The Jio Sim in the 3G phone, You require Jio Sim and You have to get The Jio Sim First From Closest Reliance JIO Store After below Process.

1. Firstly, You need To Download Old MYJIO Apk From Here (Latest MYJIO App will Not Work As Jio Have Fixed Some Bugs)

2. Open MyJIO app & Download All The JIO Apps as 10 Apps

3. Now After Downloading All The JIO APPS Now Clear The Data Of MYJIO APP

4. Switch Off The Internet

5. Open Myjio app > Click on Open Button Beside MYJIO (Your Internet Should Be Off)

6. You can See ” GET JIO SIM ” selection in Next Page

7. Open The Internet Data & Immediately Click On ” GET JIO SIM ” >> Complete Whole Process In Next

8. That is it. You have Got the Barcode

9. Go to JIO Store, Show The Barcode & Get The  Free JIO SIM

Finally, You have Got The Free JIO SIM With Your 3G device. Now It is Time To work JIO SIM IN 3G Phone. For More Details Click Here.

How to Use JIO 4G SIM in 3G Phones? (Method 1)

Mediatek Devices

This Method will Work Only In Mediatek Chipset Devices; You can Go to Phone Setting >> About Phone >> CPU to check Either Your Phone With Mediatek chipset Or not

1. Firstly, Download MTK Engineering Mode app in your Mediatek device

Click Here To Download

Just Know: – This MTK App allows you to run Advanced Setup Like SERVICE MODE Of Your Device Which Is Not Directly Available,

So use this very Very carefully, Something Wrong Can Brick Your Android Device.

2. Open the MTK Engineering Mode app

3. Then Just Click on MTK Settings & Then Choose Preferred Network Option.

4. Just Select 4G LTE/WCDMA/GSM as network mode.

5. Save The Settings & restart your mobile phone.

6. After All Above Steps put Your JIO 4G SIM on your 3G mobile phone.

Do Remember– You have to use Already activated JIO SIM

7. Within Few Minutes, you will get JIO Network Means Momentarily You can Use JIO SIM In This 3G Phone

8. You Will Get Just 3G Speed As Your Phone is Not Real 4G Phone You have just Tricked It As 4G & Built JIO SIM Recognise Your 3G phone as 4G Device

9. That’s it. Enjoy Unlimited Free JIO 4G the Internet

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How to Use JIO 4G SIM in 3G Phones (Method 2)

Qualcomm Devices (Unconfirmed Trick)

1. Firstly, Download & install The Shortcut Master Lite App

Click Here To Download

2. Now Install Out the Shortcut Master

Just Know: -Use the secret menu so carefully, Something Altered Can Brick Your Android Device.

3. Go To Menu in Shortcut Master & Seek for “Service Menu Or ”Engineering Mode

4. To get The Best Results Just Select “System App” Option. If Found then opens it and access to change LTE Bands If that does not work,

5. Open Engineering mode and Select Change LTE Bands.

6. If the Change LTE Bands Doesn’t Work, Then Dial *#2263# & Select Menu & Click Back Over Then Select Menu.

7. Then Go To Key Input & Insert “0000”, Then Wait For Couple Of Seconds, after that You can Get a Popup.

8. Choose UE Settings from that Popup, after that choose setting > protocol > NAS > Network Control > Band Selection > LTE Band > then choose  “Band 40”.

9. Now you can Insert Jio Sim & Check Either You Are Getting Signals Or Not.

10. Restart the Device & Place it in First Slot

That’s it. Enjoy Unlimited Free JIO 4G the Internet

You Will Get Just 3G Speed As Your Mobile Phone is Not True 4G Phone. You have just Twitched It As 4G & Made JIO SIM Recognize Your 3G phone as 4G Device.

How to Run JIO 4G SIM in 3G Phones (Method 3)

If You are not getting Jio 4G Network in 3G Phones by that above Methods. Then You have to Follow This Method.

This Trick Will Run In Stock Android or Pure Android ROM Like CyanogenMod, Resurrection Remix Rom, etc.

1- Open Phone Dialer & Dial *#*#4636#*#*

2. You will get Screen Named ” testing “

3. Click On First Option  Named ” Phone Information “

4. Scroll Down & You can Recognize ” Set Preferred Network Type “

5. You can See Many selections There; You have to choose Option having LTE Option

6. You can also Select LTE/GSM/CDMA selection

7. Choose this & Reboot Your Device

8. Now Put Your JIO 4G sim in First Slot

9. Put Back into your Phone and Wait for 3G Jio Network It can take Up to 30 Mins

10. Done, Enjoy Unlimited Free JIO 4G

How to Use JIO 4G SIM in 3G Phones? (Method 4)

1- Firstly, you need to download both Xorware 2G/3G/4G Switcher & Xorware 2G/3G/4G Interface App.

Xorware 2G/3G/4G Switcher

Xorware 2G/3G/4G Interface App

2. Then Open the Xor ware interface App, it will assist you to decide the network settings.

3. Next Select Network Mode to 4G/LTE.

4. Click on Apply to make Changes.

5. Finally, Switch Off Your Device & Put Your Free Jio Sim in First Slot and Wait For Jio Network In Your 3G Device.

6. That is it now you can use Reliance Jio 4G Sim in 3G Phone.

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Comment Below if you have any problem or query.

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  1. Admin koi aisa trick h Jo 2G phone ko 3G me convert karta ho ,

    1. nahi

  2. Gio 3g cod.

  3. Jio 3g cod.

  4. 3 method me Reboot ka option nhi aarha

  5. in the mtk engineer app I don’t get the LTE option only GSM and WCDMA
    my phone is micromax canvas juice 2
    please help

    1. try other methods, your phone is not supported in mtk engineer app

      1. You are a cheater..
        For 4g you require hardware support

  6. My phone is mediatek one, but whenever I am opening mtk serrings, it says something like cannot find mtk engineering mod…stock rom must be installed. What might be the reason? Also, dialing 4636 option in phone info, whenever I toggle to any LTE option, it automatically toggles back to wcdma preferred.

    I have Sony Xperia E4 dual (E2115). Kindly help me…

    1. Hello , whenever I am opening mtk settings, it says something like cannot find mtk engineering mod…stock rom must be installed. What might be the reason? Also, dialing 4636 option in phone info, whenever I toggle to any LTE option, it automatically toggles back to wcdma preferred. please help me wit this….my phone s OPPO MIRROR 5 android

  7. Mera MOBAYL lenovo s580 model hay mayne trai keya jayse option tha liken nahe aa raha hay 4g option help me

  8. When I am clicking on LTE options then it is coming back to WCDMA preferred. Please help

  9. I have InFocus m260 I don’t have a 4g options in mtk by dialling 4636 it toggle to wcdma preferred pls help

  10. sir my device is samsung galaxy 3g and device has not meditek its has cortex chipset tell me how use jio 4g in my phone

  11. Does the fourth method requires mediatek please reply….

    1. nope, it doesn’t require mediatek

  12. samsung galaxy s3 me jio chalta he admin

  13. I am using sony Z c6220.. Can this be done for my phone?

  14. Thank You Sir Nice Information

  15. Hi sir my mobile media tek device pls help me

  16. bloody liers ….all fake one
    if ur phone doesn’t have hardware to catch 4g network ..how can a software will do …..
    make us fool…

  17. Hi Sir I trying all the method.
    In mtk app I can’t able to open mtk setting,
    2. Xorware is also not working
    I’m using Sony Xperia c (android 4.2)
    Please help me in this issue

  18. I did all the settings what u said in xorwore app and changed d settings to 4g LTE and switched on d phone then also not getting Jio network..Y??? Plz help me,my device is galaxy j1 ace

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