Why Does the Commercial Sector Need “Clubhouse”: The Main Questions About New Social Network

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Clubhouse has attracted a lot of attention as a new social media site. Companies that want to stay ahead of their game will always benefit from looking for the next communications solution.

Because there have been social media sites that have waned in popularity, you may wonder if this site is worthy of your time and efforts. There are valid reasons to explore any new sites that you are considering using.

Before you decide whether this latest solution is ideal for your company’s needs, you will benefit from learning more about this app and its capabilities. Read on to learn more about how this app is different and how your business may benefit from it.


What is Clubhouse, Anyway?

One of the things that have made Clubhouse stand out in its short history is how users require an invitation to join. The app is audio-based and does not currently allow the saving or recording of conversations, making the application dependent on real-time interaction.

Even though the app keeps no records of prior chats, joining or leaving chats at will is one of the features that users find useful for networking purposes. The experience has a lot in common with business networking in real life, in contrast to conventional social media and messaging apps.

Business writer Linda Brinson has pointed out how General Electric started a social network to connect its 5,000 employees involved in marketing. A large corporation taking such a step shows how much of a market there is for personal networking opportunities.

The Possible Benefits for Your Business

One of the most significant benefits of Clubhouse is easier access to industry leaders and their large followings. When you have access to the more extensive network that a business leader has built up, you can connect with more people who may be beneficial for your business.

Because users only get full access to the app through an invitation from another user, this site’s use comes with somewhat of a sense of prestige. Clubhouse users may feel as though they are part of a unique group within the broader business world.

The voice chat-based features help convey a greater sense of face-to-face interaction than many other social media forms. With personal interactions still mattering a great deal in the business world, this app has a lot of potential for business owners whose companies rely heavily on connections made through networking.

Guide to Using Clubhouse

Strammer has cited a 2019 IBM study indicating that as many as 120 million workers will require re-skilling or training because of an increase in intelligent automation. Access to social networks is all the more critical in the light of these changes in the workforce.

Before you embark on getting started with Clubhouse, it will benefit you to learn a little more about the basics. Every networking site requires you to learn the ins and outs for maximum success, and Clubhouse is no exception to this rule by any means.

If you can start using the site with confidence, you can start making business connections that matter in the long run. The better the quality of your business connections, the greater a chance you have of lasting success.

Finding People, Rooms, and Clubs to Follow on Clubhouse

If you’ve joined but haven’t had a chance to explore the app, you might feel at a loss. You can bring up the Explore page by tapping the icon with a magnifying glass to expand beyond what is on your homepage.

The search feature will provide suggestions about people and topics you want to follow. These suggestions will help you see rooms or clubs that relate to the people you are following and interests you may have entered into the search tool.

Joining clubs is the easiest way to find like-minded users that you may want to connect with. Once you’ve entered a Club, you will get notifications about Clubs that the Room hosts so you can get involved with discussions.

Growing a Decent Following on the Clubhouse App

Consider joining the site while it is only open by invitation. You will have a greater chance of attracting a following before that site has reached the saturation level of other social media sites.

Make sure your biography, particularly the first two lines, describes what your achievements are or what your brand is about. When other users employ the search feature, your bio’s first two lines show up first in the results.

Join in conversations and ask questions in Rooms, especially Rooms that have a lot of users. Don’t hesitate to provide a little bit of background on yourself before jumping into the conversation.

Tips for Hosting a Room on Clubhouse

Consider testing out more intimate niche topic rooms and rooms that feature a broader topic range to get a feel for which works best. Regardless of which path you take, make sure your chat rules are clear so that everyone knows what to expect.

Limit the number of speakers on stage to reduce the chances of one user dominating the discussion. Also, reduce the number of inactive users on the stage at a time to avoid the chances of your listeners losing interest.

Using Clubs on Clubhouse

Unlike a Room, a Club allows you to connect with users of your choice in a smaller-scale setting. To make sure your Club stays available, you will need to host regular meetups.

Keep offering interesting chats related to your Club’s primary topic. The Search tool will direct users interested in your chosen subject to your Club.

When selecting a name for your Club, remember that the name is limited to 25 characters and the description to 150 characters. Blocking disruptive users is possible to help decrease the chances of a speaker causing trouble.

Using Clubhouse for Business Purposes

A distinct advantage that Clubhouse offers for businesses is allowing users to learn from experts in their fields. The Rooms and Clubs offer many of the benefits of business conferences in a virtual setting.

If your business has struggled to find the talent that you need, Clubhouse may make it easier for you to find the right person. You will be able to interact with prospects in a setting very similar to meeting face-to-face that gives you a better “feel” for what working with them would be like.

Another advantage is that Clubhouse allows you to showcase your expertise in a way that is likely to attract new customers. Establishing yourself as an expert makes customers more likely to trust you and be willing to use your products or services.

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Some Final Thoughts

Clubhouse is a new arrival on the social media scene, and the impact the app may have on your business long-term is still unknown. However, the range of features available shows promises for businesses that want to increase their networking capabilities.

One of the advantages that Clubhouse offers is the opportunity to use flexibility in the Rooms and Clubs’ size. With this level of flexibility, you have excellent chances for building your business through the use of this app.

If you receive an invitation to Clubhouse, you have good chances of making meaningful, lasting connections for your company. You have great chances of engaging with existing and prospective customers.

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